OWNING THE ROOM: Just because an Actor knows their craft and can recite the Gettysburg Address, it doesn't mean they'll get the role. The competition is fierce and everyone is looking for an advantage. OWNING THE ROOM reveals key ingredients that you don't learn in acting class from Directors, Producers and Casting Agents on how to sell yourself and gain favor in the room. 

Private or Group Sessions Available. Group Sessions include Casting Directors, Managers and/or Talent Agents during the seminar.

BECOME A STEADY EARNER: There are roughly 160,000 "active" members in SAG/AFTRA and according to the guild, only 15% of them qualify each year to earn benefits through the union. For arguments sake, you must make between $17,340-$33,660 in your Base Earnings Period to receive one of the two levels of coverage, which means 136,000 of you aren't making enough to cut it. This is an unacceptable and its time to take control of your career and your destiny. Look, you either have what it takes to be an actor or not. That's something you have to decide. The question is, if you do, then why aren't you making a living doing what you love? Most actors don't have the slightest clue how to become someone that the decision makers want to work with. There are reasons Christopher Guest, Quentin Tarantino and The Cohen Brother use the same talent over and over again, and its often not because of their star-power. Discover the secrets of becoming "in demand' even if you don't have any box office value. 

Private or Group Sessions Available Group Sessions includes Directors, Producers and Working Actors during the workshops

GETTING DIRECTOR SAVVY: As Actors you're taught technique. Linguistics, Improvisation, Script Analysis, Movement and Cold Reading are par for the course. But have you been able to study the mind of your filmmakers? Probably not. This intense workshop allows you to get in sync with the team on the other side of the camera and helps you, the Actor, navigate the uncharted and often tumultuous waters enabling you to find harmony on set and during creative sessions.

Private or Group Sessions Available Group Sessions includes Directors, Producers, Writers and Working Actors during the workshops

"Shane Stanley gives an in depth and realistic approach to the industry that will leave you with pure insight and understanding..."

Amy Johnston, Actress & Stuntwoman

Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Lady Blood Fight, Iron Man 3


"Shane shares his epic wisdom that one only possesses from a lifetime in the cinematic trenches, and takes the proverbial Hollywood onion and peels back the often confusing layers of what it really takes to get a project successfully done from A-Z.   A must read for any aspiring or working filmmaker of our time."

Shawn Frederick, Director and Published Photographer 

Author, Idiot’s Guide to Digital Photography

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