WEBISODES AND BRANDED CONTENT: Today people demand content at their fingertips. They expect to be engaged, entertained and wowed by what they see on Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms they rely on to hold their attention. Have you wondered how that eight-year-old kid got millions of followers (and dollars) or why that woman who doesn't know as much as you is considered an 'expert' on whatever she feels like discussing any given day? Do you have an idea for a web series but don't know where to begin? Webisodes and Branded Media are the new-norm and there is no reason why you cannot succeed and generate a lucrative income from your ideas. Learn the secrets of launching branded media, webisodes or Vlogs and how to maximize earning potential on the worldwide web.

SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MUSIC VIDEO: It's assumed what makes a hit music video is the song or recoding artist. There may be some truth to that but just ask OK Go what the video for "Here it Goes Again" did for their career. As visionaries its our responsibility to submerge ourselves into an intricate union that hopefully creates a synergy, one that can move the viewers mind, body and spirit like nothing else for the three and a half minutes we hold them captive. Becoming one with a recording artist isn't easy unless you possess the subtle nuances necessary to unlock Pandora's box, but when successful, can make a dynamic and exciting creation that is absolutely spellbinding. 


The world of advertising is getting more and more competitive and complex. Learning to please the advertising agency who hires you as a filmmaker as well as the client who hired the agency is like walking a tight rope in a strong wind without a safety net. There are ways to serve both masters, make it across successfully and have a long and prosperous career in advertising. Our Commercial Production workshop reveals the secrets of diplomacy and working within budgets that are bargain basement or through the stratosphere.  

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"Shane, like myself is a “Drealist" - a dreamer and a realist. In this business you have to be able to conceptualize, visualize, modify and then have fun and get it done. His energy and ability to kick ass and adapt on any project big or small is non-stop. He, is driven by passion and purpose from start to finish and cares outside of just the project which is rare to find in this business. "

Bret Michaels, Multi-Platinum Selling Recording Artist/Reality TV Star

Poison, Bret Michaels Band, Rock of Love and Celebrity Apprentice winner

"Shane shares his epic wisdom that one only possesses from a lifetime in the cinematic trenches, and takes the proverbial Hollywood onion and peels back the often confusing layers of what it really takes to get a project successfully done from A-Z!" 

Shawn Frederick

Marketing Director, JL Fisher, Inc.

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