After you graduate and head out into the world, chances are you'll quickly realize what you didn't learn in film school. When researching the book and interviewing students in North America, whether they attended a top tier university or a small community college, there were several consistencies. One being they acquired an unnerving obsession for obscure French cinema and, most didn't possess the essential tools or any connections to aid in finding a job in the entertainment industry. Face it, you were raised in a safe environment surrounded by people who cared about you, not the rough and tumble aptmosphere you're currently trying to survive in.  

In addition, proper set etiquette and establishing solid relationships are just some of the skills you will need to learn if you plan on becoming a steady earner in Hollywood. For post-graduates finding mentors and training courses in a stress-free environment that will help shape you hasn't been available - until now! This workshop is designed for graduates (even those who attended the School of Hard Knocks) and will bridge the gap between the classroom and real life helping you to utilize your talents and put them to work so you can forge ahead and get closer to fulfilling your career goals.

Many face difficulties when trying to find jobs or even get established, which only mounts frustration and causes a staggering amount of grads to give up, leaving their degree (and dreams) behind to seek work in an entirely different field. Now is the time to turn this around. It's only going to get harder when the next wave of students leave the nest and rush to fill the positions that are yours to claim. Contact us now for details on these exciting and ground breaking workshops designed for you, so you can put your talent and degrees to use.

Private or Group Sessions Available. Inquire about grad-student discounts 


"Shane Stanley has written the definitive book on indie film production.  It is a primer on what to do and not do in making a feature film starting with script, financing, production, post-production and distribution. Shane writes of practical experience and goes deeper into the many aspects of production not taught in film schools.  This book is focused on helping others navigate the world where dreams are made of."

Michael Gonzales, Ph.D. Chair Emeritus, Biola University

Cinema and Media Arts Program

"As a recent graduate from film school, I can attest that What You Don’t Learn in Film School lives up to its name! Shane Stanley provides a refreshingly frank and relevant account of the day-to-day realities of the filmmaking process, bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world. With invaluable insight and real advice, he lays out the specifics of how to navigate the industry while remaining humble and having fun - something every student wants and needs to know."
Dana Gieselman, UCLA Honors Graduate

Film/Theater/Mathematics (2017)

"What You Don’t Learn in Film School is an incredibly practical guide to making indie films in the current marketplace. Film schools should be teaching this stuff in addition to everything else they teach about the art of film, because it’s all essential to actually getting something done and getting it seen. The advice in this book obviously comes from real experience!"

Chris Hansen, Professor and Chairman, Baylor University
Department of Film & Digital Media

"When aspiring filmmakers are first starting out, the simple fact is, they don’t know what they don’t know. Luckily for them, Shane Stanley does. He knows how things really work. He knows how movies really get made. He knows what is important and even more importantly, he knows what isn’t. Listen to Shane. Learn from Shane. Consider him a helpful friend who has seen and done it all…because he is and you’re lucky to have him, and this book."

Kelly Graham-Scherer, CEO Graham-Scherer Screen-Based Industry Consulting
Los Angeles Representative, Toronto/ Ontario Film Office


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