The most intense period of filmmaking is pre-production and it should be. Learn the secrets of proper preparation so your production and post-production go as smooth as silk. Workshop includes script breakdown, budgeting, scheduling, securing vendors, locations and hiring your cast & crew. How to deal with SAG/AFTRA to expedite clearances and navigate though union contracts and where to put the smart money assuring that you finish your film on time and on budget. 

Private or Group Sessions. 1 or 2 Day Seminars Available

FROM CONCEPT TO DELIVERY: Content is king! But making sure you have the right material to produce and presentation to accompany it is going to be the difference when obtaining funding, getting quality and bankable actors attached, and the overall success you will have in the worldwide marketplace once your movie is made. Learn the secrets to making an independent film regardless of your budget and how to put every nickel on the screen and still have money left over. 

The essentials in getting your film picked up and what not to do in post-production.

Private or Group Sessions, 2 or 3 Day Seminars Available

"Shane's film should be required viewing in every film school. They demonstrate what can really be done on a limited budget."

Barry Van Dyke, Actor & Producer

Diagnosis Murder, The Untold Story, Airwolf 


"Shane has spent his whole life making films in virtually every medium from the studio blockbuster to commercials and music videos. He's done it all and reveals a solid, straightforward approach to making movies. He makes even the more complex aspects of filmmaking easy to grasp. In what is often a hilariously entertaining gut level style he penetrates the mystery, but leaves in the magic."

James Riordan, Best-Selling Author 

Break on Through: The Life & Death of Jim Morrison 

Stone: The Controversies, Excesses & Exploits of a Radical Filmmaker

The Platinum Rainbow: Succeed in the Music Business...Without Selling Your Soul

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